Step RightUp and Play!

Sideshow Games

add fun and carnival atmosphere to all types of private and community-based events.

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EveryPlayer Wins a Prize!

Sideshow Games

offer a great range of prizes from huge fluffy bears to toys and novelties for all ages.

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Come OneCome All!

Sideshow Games

are a fairground favourite attraction that the whole family will enjoy.

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Sideshow Games for Hire

Step right up - every player wins a prize! Bring all the fun of the fair to your next Special event with a variety of traditional fairground Sideshow Games.

The key to every successful special event, is atmosphere. There's no better way of adding to the Carnival atmosphere at Fetes, Fairs, Festivals and Promotions, than with classic Sideshow Games. Laughing Clowns, Hook-A-Duck, Knock 'em Downs, High Striker, Basket Ball, Balloon Bust & Hoopla are just a few of the popular Sideshow Games that have delighted all ages for generations.

A little bit of competition...the thrill of winning a prize - many of our fondest childhood memories are made amongst the spectacle and excitement of Sideshow Alley at the local Fair. There are two basic types of Sideshow Games - Games of Chance where every player wins a prize, and Games of Skill for the more competitive.

Carnival Games of Chance

Games of Chance are extremely popular Sideshow Games catering for all ages, especially young children. Games of chance are normally operated on a "pay per play" basis, with prizes of various types, size and value on offer - often on a "every player wins a prize" basis. Some of the more popular Games include:

Laughing Clowns: Rarely will one find a major Show, Fair or Festival without the familiar face of the Laughing Clowns.This game requires a combination of skill, courage, perfect timing, concentration...and a little bit of luck!

Just place 5 balls into the clown's mouth, watch the balls weave the way down into the numbered slots, then add up the score. The largest prize is awarded to any player who is skillful enough to land all 5 balls in the #1 or #6 slot, giving a total of '5' or '30'. The lucky player then has the opportunity for a "pick of the stand", or selection from a variety of huge fluffy bears and comical characters.

Smaller prizes are awarded to other scores, with a complimentary prize normally given to all players. Can you win the major prize on the top shelf, or will the Clowns have the last laugh once again?

Hook-A-Duck: A favorite with the younger children who love watching colourful ducks swimming around a reticulated Pond. A rod is used by each player to pluck their Duck from the pond. Under each Duck is a number, which corresponds to a prize.

There are great prizes to be won, and every player wins a prize - perhaps it's your turn to take home the big adorable Teddy on the top shelf? You have to be in it, to win it!

Balloon Bust: Throw a dart, pop a balloon, win a prize. Sounds easy enough, though which balloon is hiding the top prize?

A blaze of colourful balloons, prizes and flashing lights makes this game irresistible to children and adults alike. Sideshow Games are fabulous fun, great entertainment, and add flair to every fair. Many Sideshow Games offer the player the option of continual play, where prizes can be traded up to a larger, more valuable type and size.

Carnival Games of Skill

Bright, colourful Sideshow Games of skill are another favorite Carnival Game. These games vary in the expertise required, and therefore, the prizes on offer. Games such as Pass the Footy, Mini Golf & Basket Ball; test a player's aim, coordination, or ability to hit a target. A player's strength is tested with the High Striker.

Professionally presented Sideshow Games are regularly seen at Major Shows, attracting the public through carnival music, colourful artwork, flashing lights, and a wide range of spectacular prizes.

Fete favorites such as the Lob-O-Choc, Hoopla & Dunk-A-Teacher, can be equally successful on a simpler, smaller scale, using the proven combination of fun, excitement, skill and prizes.

Flat-Rate Hire or Commission

Sideshow Games are normally booked on an 80/20 Commission or Flat-Rate Hire basis.

The Flat-Rate Hire Contract involves the Games Operator providing equipment for a set period - usually four to five hours. All games are set up by the contractor's staff for the duration of the hire. Equipment is supplied with full supervision or on a "Hirer to operate"/"Dry Hire" basis.

Each operator will provide a comprehensive Price List with their quote, which outlines the costs involved in hiring their attractions along with other optional extras such as staff, signage & prizes.

Depending on the size of the event, and the expected attendance, Sideshow Games may also be available on an 80/20 Commission basis. Under this format, the operator will provide, set up and supervise their Sideshow Games free of charge to the event organiser. Admission to the Sideshow Games is via a pay-per-game basis. At the completion of the event, the operator pays the event organiser 20% of total game income. The operator is responsible for all staff and prize requirements.

Under an Profit-Share Contract, the event organiser accepts no financial obligation to the game provider, in terms of hire fees, sales or operating costs. The game operator accepts all risks as to weather, attendance and income.

Selecting a Sideshow Game Provider

Most Sideshow Games are owned and operated by Amusement Ride companies, so that's where the search begins. Find a suitable list of operators, ask for quotes, then make your decision based on presentation and value - not price alone. A professionally designed website & associated promotional material, is a very good indication that the operator provides quality equipment and a reliable service.

Profitable businesses can afford to purchase the latest designs, maintain their equipment in perfect working order, and employ staff who are respectable, reliable and courteous.

On the other hand, accepting the cheapest quote will often lead to disappointment. Poor quality, unreliable attractions accompanied by the ordinary staff who supervise them, is the trademark of the "discount" amusement operator, who cannot win work through reputation alone. By running on a low profit margin, the discount operator does not earn enough to maintain their equipment in a presentable, reliable and safe condition.

Contacting a Sideshow Game Provider

Sideshow Games operators are based throughout Australia, and service most areas. If your organisation is considering hiring Sideshow Games in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory, please click on the associated link for your state for a full list of reputable companies in your area.

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